Review: Shake Up the Fun with the Mixologist World Shaker with Bonus Drink Recipe 

After Work Happy Hours, Holiday Partying, or Girls Night Outs can be a lot of fun. You can try out different drinks with friends. This time also gives you the freedom to mingle and let your hair down a bit. I am one that enjoys a good outing, but I also like to throw small intimate parties or just chill, throw on the Jazz and relax with my favorite cocktail by myself.

If you are going to make the best drinks for your guest at home parties or even for yourself, you need the greatest equipment. One bar item that is a must is the Mixologist World Stainless Steel Shaker. This will become the most use piece on your home bar. The shaker is durable and of the highest quality. If you love experimenting with new drink combinations like I do, then you’ll love this shaker. I just love it!


What You Get

The Mixologist World shaker comes with the following pieces;

24 oz Shaker ( Shaker with built-in strainer, Lid, and Top)


Recipe Booklet 

Bonus: Two free Recipe e-books 

That a great bundle right!

This shaker is super strong. The lid fits securely on top of the shaker which is a plus! You don’t want your drink flying everywhere. The pour on it is very smooth and controlled. This shaker is not insulated, so condensation does form, but that’s a good thing. It just means your delicious drink is nice and cold. Yums! The bonus Jigger  is also stainless steel and has two measuring sides to it. You’ll really look like a Pro mixing drinks for your guests at your parties with this.

Clean up is amazingly easy too! Just rinse it out and wipe the shaker down with a dry cloth. If you are worried about the shaker rusting, I have used mine a few times and I don’t see any signs of rust forming on it. After it’s all cleaned up and wiped off, it looks good as new again. All nice and shiny! You will like the design of the shaker, I sure do. It makes a nice display on your cleaned bar with some martini glasses, and a bottle of your favorite band of alcohol.  

The Mixologist World Shaker set is a must have if you are a person that likes to entertain while mixing up a few cocktails. You can purchase the Mixologist World Shaker on Also in the spirit of the the holiday season, I came up with a festive drink that will brighten up any holiday party. The cocktail is called Rudolph’s Nose. Check out the recipe below for all the details. If you try out, let me know how you enjoyed it. Here’s to great holiday memories and remember to drink responsibly! Cheers!


The Rudolph’s Nose Cocktail is the perfect drink for spreading some cheer with friends and family. It is yummy, sweet, and refreshing, sure to light up your holiday festivities!


2 ounces Pearl Wedding Cake Flavored Vodka

1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice

3-4 ounces cold Sprite

1 ounce cherry juice (from the Maraschino cherry jar)

Maraschino cherries for garnish

1) Fill a shaker half way with ice

2) Pour Cake Flavored Vodka, Lemon Juice, Sprite and Cherry Juice over ice in shaker

3) Shake well

4) Pour in a highball glass filled with ice

5) Garnish with cherries

*I received this item for free in exchange for my review and honest opinion.  


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