Mattel Gives Barbie a Makeover with 3 New Bodies

As a child growing up in the 80’s, I have seen a lot of Barbie dolls come on the scene. My parents would buy me a new one about three times a year. During Christmas, my birthday (I’m a January baby! Lol), and whenever I would ask for one later in the year. I love Barbie dolls, especially the special edition dolls. They are so glamorous! 

Over the years, I started to collect the dolls more so than play with them. My Dad purchased a display case for my collection which I loved. It really made it easy to see all the dolls I had. In my teen years, I started to wonder if Barbie would ever look like the girl’s shape that was reflected in the mirror to me every morning. 

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Finally, I am pleased to see that Barbie is getting a body makeover! Mattel is giving Barbie more diverse body sizes. I feel this is very good for the young girls growing up in a not so one size fits all world. On January 28, you will be able to purchase a Barbie that is curvy, petite, or tall. This paired with the new skin tones and hair types is simply FAB. Guess what else? They will all be called, you guessed it, Barbie! These cuties will be placed along side the original Barbie. No size discrimination there and I love it! I can truly appreciate the company’s steps towards change. To me it spells all body shapes and heights are beautiful. That to me is one lesson we all need to learn, young or old. These are some Barbie dolls that this doll collector will defiantly be adding to her collection.

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What do you think of the new body types that Mattel has given Barbie?


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