Cook Faster and Perfectly with The Power Pressure Cooker XL

I am a person that likes to cook. Cooking to me is relaxing and I enjoy seeing people’s faces light up as they eat food I have prepared. It just warms my heart! But sometimes it can take hours when you are cooking from scratch. Most of the time who has hours to spend over a stove. Especially when you are trying to run a business or work outside the home and have a family to take care of. Don’t let me get started on the after school activities, woo! You really have to organize your time. So, cooking smarter not harder is the way to go. 

The Power Pressure Cooker is the perfect appliance for busy moms and dads. It allows you to prepare meals in minutes not hours. I was so excited to have the opportunity to test out the Power Pressure Cooker XL. It’s an amazing unit! It really delivers delicious wholesome foods that are sure to please your family. 

How It Works

The unit has uses flavor infusion technology, which traps super-heated steam inside the pot. The high-pressure environment inside the pot forces liquid and moisture into your food, locking in intense flavor and nutrients. The Power Pressure Cooker XL also features intelligent one-touch settings for meat, fish, vegetables, beans, rice, soups or stews. I love this feature as it allows me to set it and forget it! Then I can come back to a perfectly cooked meal every time. The unit even has a delay button that allows your food to be ready for you at anytime.

The Power Pressure Cooker XL cooks chili, beef, vegetables, and rice to perfection. You can rest assured that your food will be juicy, tender, colorful and full of flavor when you cook with this unit. Clean up is a breeze too! Just pull out the inner pot and wash it by hand or drop it in the dishwasher. Super easy right! I highly recommend that you give the Power Pressure Cooker XL a try. I’m sure you will enjoy it just as I do. 

I have some great news! Readers of The Review Chic blog can enjoy a special discount on your purchase of the Power Pressure Cooker XL. Just use “SAVE25” at checkout to save $25.00. Head on over to to get your hands on yours!


17 thoughts on “Cook Faster and Perfectly with The Power Pressure Cooker XL

  1. Donna Shana says:

    Ok, this is pretty cool. But I don’t know if a pressure cooker and a crock pot are the same? Guess I should google. If they are different I am definitely using this save $25 code! Thanks,

    • thereviewchic says:

      Hi Donna! Yes, the pressure cooker and the crock pot are two different units. You slow cook with the crock pot vs using high powered steam and pressure with the pressure cooker which allows for faster cooking. Enjoy the discount and your pressure cooker XL if you pick it up. Be sure to tell me how you like it!

  2. heyitskaysways says:

    I tossed my pressure cooker when I moved a few years back. How ironic I see this post when I cooked Beef Stew tonight in the oven all day. This so would’ve come in handy.

  3. Annie says:

    Oh I love pressure cooking…food comes out great & you can actually cook frozen meat in them… meats come out so tender. I just made a pot roast stew in mine…came out great. These are so great to cook with…and easy too. I also make bone broth & soups i it. Great! I want to try the ceramic frying pan.

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