Enjoy Tasty All-natural Tuna from Safe Catch

Do you enjoy the taste of tuna? Do you love it in many different ways. If you said yes, then I have a brand of tuna I know you’re going to really like. Your family and your body will thank you! 

Safe Catch is a brand that has you in mind. It is the only brand that tests each tuna individually for mercury levels and  offers delicious, fresh tuna without any additives. Tuna Cheesy Casserole anyone?  I know you love the sound of that!  


Each can of Safe Catch Tuna is traceable from sea to table, and Safe Catch only buys tuna from captains whose catch methods minimize environmental impact. Safe Catch raw packs hand-cut fish that is cooked in the can to seal in its many nutrients. It’s also BPA free with no GMOs, glutens, additives, fillers, soy, or pyrophosphate that are found in most canned tuna. This brand operates with the strictest mercury limit of any Albacore tuna brand, and its limit for its Elite Wild Tuna is 10 times stricter than the FDA mercury limit.

Once you open a can of Safe Catch tuna, you will notice right off it’s not as “fishy.” You will immediately notice that it appears fresher than other canned brands as well. The color of it is much more vibrant too. 


Safe Catch offers amazing quality with their tuna. They are a brand that really takes pride in how they produce their product. Safe Catch is a brand that shows they care about our health, nutrition and our environment. With Safe Catch you know you are eating well. Safe Catch delivers on delicious, fresh, preservative-free tuna. It’s a freshness you can see and trust! 


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