Grow Beautiful Hair with Hairfinity| Review 

I know you all have heard of Hairfinity. You know, the hair supplements that all your curl friends have been raving about for some time now. Yes, those! I have seen some great results from natural hair chicks and relaxed hair chicks. Trying Hairfinity has been on my “Try New Products” list for a while. Then when I got the opportunity to test and review them, I was very happy. 

One reason why this product stayed on my list for so long, is that I was really skeptical about the product. Even though I had seen some amazing results, I just could not fully jump on the hair supplement wagon. When it came to trying out Hairfinity I was not expecting it to work. So I went into this review expecting nothing.

What’s in Hairfinity?

Hairfinity supplements are formulated to promote healthy, thicker, longer hair. The side eye was still there after reading this. I was not won over yet, so I had to try it and see if it was true. See the ingredients listed below.



You can purchase a supply of Hairfinity for up to 4 months.

One Month-$24.00

Two Months-$48.00

Four Months-$96.00

Is Hairfinity Worth the Hype?

Do these supplements really live up to all the hype you ask? You know I have to be flat out straight with you right. I just can not be any other way! To answer this for you let me run down my results. I was sent a two month supply to test. Within two weeks of the first month, I noticed a change in the thickness of my hair. Now my hair was already thick and full before starting the supplements. But they made it even thicker! By the end of the first month going into the second month, I saw that my hair length was noticeably longer. Others could see the hair growth also. I did not experience any side effects from taking the supplements and they are easy to swallow.

Could you get the same results from eating a healthy diet and taking good care of your  hair? Absolutely! But I feel that this product aids in the process and puts in what you may not be getting from your diet. Are they worth giving a try? Yes, most definitely they are worth trying for yourself. To purchase Hairfinity online, you can visit their website. Here’s to healthy hair!

Have you tried Hairfinity? Share your thoughts with me in the comments.


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