Organize Like A Pro with Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels

I have always been a person that likes to keep things very well organized. It’s something about a nicely organized pantry or office that is so refreshing to me. I guess it is having what you need right there in it’s place. At your finger tip organization is what I like to call it! 

With spring just around the corner, it’s time for getting some items and rooms organized. I had to call in reinforcements and in list help with Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels from Shoplet. These labels are perfect for the job. They are water resistant, UV resistant and tear resistant and with 250 labels per package with 25 sheets. Awesome right! The size of the labels are 3 ½” by 1 1/32”. They also have a patent-pending easy align design which makes it easy to create perfect laminated labels every time.

How Do They Work

Working with the labels are a breeze. Their simple to apply, no laminating machine required just print the label and seal with the clear laminate film. The heavy duty labels with laminate film withstand wear and tear, exposure to sun, even moisture and other harsh conditions. Permanent The adhesive works on plastic, wood, metal, rubber, paper, ceramic, glass and other surfaces. Please understand that this adhesive is permanent, so once you stick it you can not take it off. Be sure you use these on items that you are not going to want to change afterwards. Customization of the labels are easy too! Free templates and designs are available from Avery Print & Design that are compatible with laser and inkjet printers. 

The Verdict 

The really well! I had to adjust my printer a bit to get them to print correctly. After doing that, printing the labels was a snap. I can now label and organize things like a pro in my house. If I opt to write by hand, that not a problem. They still come out great.  What I like the most about the labels is the customization and the protective cover which helps keep the label life longer. 

What to grab some labels so you can organize like a pro?  Visit Shoplet today!

If you need other office suppliescleaning supplies, Avery labeling supplies , medical supplies or office furniture  Shoplet has what you need.


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