Cook Easy with The Perfect Cooker|Review

Sometimes in my busy lifestyle, I just don’t have the time to cook or run out to get takeout meals. I need appliances that will enable me to cook healthy great taste bud pleasing meals in a snap. I am sure you have seen all of the infomercials about the Perfect Cooker. I am sure you said to yourself, “That looks like a great product!” I know you liked the ease and portability of it. You may have even love the choice of colors. Whatever you liked about the Perfect Cooker, I am here to give you the skinny on it.

I was sent the Perfect Cooker to test and see if it really lived up to it’s name. If it truly served up the portable perfection that made this product so appealing to you the busy on the go consumer. The color I received was white. It also comes in the colors red and black. I tried out a few dishes in the cooker to get a feel for it’s cooking power. I must say I had one interesting find!


What You Get

When you purchase the Perfect Cooker, you will receive the following:

  • The Perfect Cooker with non-stick inner pot
  • Manual & Cookbook 
  • Measuring cup 
  • Spatula/scoop
  • Removable Power Supply cord

The Perfect Cooker was very simple to use. It offers one pot cooking with one button operation. There is no need to worry about programming. I was sent the 3 cup unit for this review. The cooker comes in a 5 cup size which is great for families. You can cook a number of foods with the unit. Some of the dishes that I prepared were pasta with meat sauce, steamed vegetables, chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, and instant brown rice. All of the foods cooked in the Perfect Cooker were very flavorful and delicious! Guess what, they came out fully cooked in minutes. Amazing right! 

I have to admit, I did not think that this Perfect Cooker would be anything other that a perfect mess. I was not expecting scrumptious inviting meals from this small unit at all. It is handy for cooking your meal for lunch at work. You are sure to love the ease of cooking awesome meals at your desk. I know I did, so convenient! I must warn you now, be prepared for people stopping by and inquiring about your Perfect Cooker, while taking in the intoxicating smell of what you’re cooking in it. 

The only concern I have with this unit is that liquid comes out of the steam vent in the top. This can be a very dangerous mess, as the steam and liquid is very hot. I combated this by having a towel near by. I did burn myself a little handling this problem with the unit, so please be careful. 

Other than that issue, I feel this product works wonderfully well. 

This brown rice came out perfectly cooked to perfection, fluffy and separated. Delicious! 

The Verdict 

I feel that the Perfect Cooker is a very useful product. It delivers nutrient rich foods in minutes. I love the portability of the cooker. It is absolutely wonderful for people looking for a way to stick with a healthy lifestyle away from home. The handle makes it a breeze to carry. Cleaning the unit is easy as just wiping the non-stick inner pot clean. I highly recommend the Perfect Cooker! Say good bye to overspending on takeout and hello to quick, healthy, inexpensive, tasty meals prepared by you!


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