Amp Up the Flavor with SweetLeaf 

Water is my friend, but it can be a bit boring at times. I even like tea every so often too. But, plain old tea just does not fit the bill for me some days. I like pizazz in my beverages and foods. I know I’m not alone with that statement. A little kick your morning coffee, can set you on your way to a great day! 

SweetLeaf’s natural sweetener serves up the right amount of sweetness and flavor I need. What I like the most about this brand of sweetener is that it offer amazing sweetness without the carbs, calories or artificial sweeteners. If you are a person who is trying to watch your carb and calorie intake, SweetLeaf is an awesome brand to try. SweetLeaf products are made with stevia leaf extract, which is USDA certified organic and non-GMO project verified. The taste of it is delightful! SweetLeaf has won many international awards for its taste and innovation.

I was sent their Sweet Drops in the flavors Vanilla Crème, Double Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and Cola. The next items were two of their Water Drops in Srawberry Kiwi and Peach Mango. I was also sent some of their Organic Stevia (35 count box). These products are so rich in flavor and they do not have an after taste at all.


The organic stevia and sweet drops can be used to in tea, coffee, milk, cream of wheat and so much more. For a sweet treat, I like to sprinkle some organic stevia on my fresh fruit. I found that it gives a pleasant sweet taste that really curbs my sweet tooth, but doesn’t wreck my diet. Since I am a diabetic that manages my diabetes with exercise and diet, I try to be very meticulous in my efforts. SweetLeaf products are a perfect tool that’s delicious.

The Sweet Drops really amp up the flavor. You can combine the organic stevia and a sweet drop flavor in your morning coffee or afternoon tea. It is bliss! I will warn you, a little goes a long way with the sweet drops. So try a few drops at a time for flavor.

Morning oatmeal sweetened with SweetLeaf organic stevia.

SweetLeaf’s Water Drops are super great for pumping flavor into your water. The juicy goodness will keep you wanting to keep your water bottle close. If you are a person that does not like to drink water because of its taste, water will surely become your new bestie with these water drops. You’ll love how it transforms your water into a sweet refreshing drink. The water drops have no carbs or calories and will not raise your blood sugar levels. This is a plus for diabetes. We love products or foods that have a non-glycemic response. 

I enjoyed all of SweetLeaf’s products. They were so satisfying to my tastebuds. I would suggest picking up some if you are trying to watch your intake of crabs and calories. If you have diabetes, this is big for the must stock up list. Give this brand a try, you’ll be happy you did!  

Have you tried SweetLeaf sweetener before? 


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