Indiana Locally: Shopping Made Easy with Good 2 Go Groceries 

Do you ever find yourself pressed for time to shop for groceries? If you are a busy mom, juggling time in between home life, soccer practice, ballet class and football games can get crazy. Maybe you’re an elderly person that doesn’t drive much anymore and getting out to stores has become a bit difficult. The grocery delivery service provided by Good 2 Go Groceries is the perfect solution! 

Good 2 Go Groceries is a 3 year old woman owned grocery shopping and delivery service, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s owner Barbara Wylie came up with the concept for the service while driving in her car pressed for time. She wished for a service where she could get groceries from her favorite local grocery store delivered to her. Barbara knew that in Indianapolis, there was a true need for a service of this nature that would give individuals the convenience of having there groceries delivered to them from local markets of their choice. Good 2 Go Groceries prides itself in shopping for your custom groceries and delivering them promptly to your door. 

How the Service Works

Scheduling a delivery for your groceries is very simple with Good 2 Go Groceries. There are only three steps. Yes, just 3 steps! 

  1. Schedule Your Delivery Day and Time
  2. Make a List ( Make your custom grocery list and you can specify your preference of store to shop from.)
  3. Wait for Your Delivery 

Once you are one the company website, it is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The first thing you are prompted to do is making an account. If you don’t want to do that and prefer to proceed as a guest, you have that option. Although I would suggest that you make an account, as I know you will love the service as I did. So you will use it again and it will make the process faster. 

Next, you will be taken to the order form and this is where the magic happens! It’s a really simple list form format. You input the day and time for your delivery (you must allow 24 hours for deliveries to be scheduled.), list your items for pick up ( it is advised that you be as detailed as you can with your grocery list.) and you can specify which store you want your groceries purchased from. You can also choose to have substitutes for items that may not be in stock at the store at the time of shopping. If you choose not to have substitutes, the items that where not at the store will be left off and will not be included in your final purchase. 

Lastly, you submit your order and wait for it to be delivered. You have the option of either paying with PayPal or your credit card. There is a $10.00 delivery fee plus 10% of your total grocery bill for the service. Your order will also have to meet a minimum of $30.00. If your order falls below that minimum amount, a $10.00 gas surcharge will be added to your delivery and shopping fee.

I know you are wondering, what if I like to shop at multiple stores? No problem! The people at Good 2 Go Groceries love to shop at multiple stores. You can add another store for a fee of $5.00. Not bad, very affordable right!

I love the idea of having a service where I can have groceries delivered to me from stores that are local to my area in which I love. Quality is very important to me as well. Since this grocery shopping and delivery service allows you get items from stores that you are already familiar with, you know the kind of quality you are getting is going to be the best for you and your family. You can’t beat that paired with convince! 

The Verdict 

My experience with Good 2 Go Groceries was excellent! It was a breeze using the site to place my order for delivery. My stores of choice are Walmart, Kroger, and Marsh, but for my delivery I went with Walmart. I had the honor of having Barbara as my shopper and delivery person. (Yes, Barbara is still very hands on in her company. She is such a sweet spirit!) She called to let me know that she was in route to the store, that was a plus for me. While at the store, I was not as specific for one of my items, she sent a text to see which type I wanted her to pick up. Then when she was 10 minutes away from my home she sent me another text letting me know she was on her way. 

The whole experience was very professional and timely. I loved that she greeted me with a bubbly smile, she even took the groceries to the kitchen for me. Then she presented the receipt to me as well. I really liked the great communication and attention to detail of the grocery items. The meat, produce, bread and other items were selected well. I know some of you are picky about how certain groceries look. You don’t have to worry with Good 2 Go Groceries. If you are in Indianapolis or surrounding areas, I highly recommend giving this service a try. It’s great for busy professionals, students, older adults and new or busy moms. 

Good 2 Go Groceries services Indianapolis, Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Carmel, Westfield, Anderson, Muncie (Anderson and Muncie are Monday deliveries only) as well as Speedway and Zionsville. They are soon to be expanding service to Avon and Plainfield. 

Have you tried the service from Good 2 Go Groceries?

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