Harness the Power of Deep Cleaning with Shark

Everyone loves having a home that is spotless. But taking the time to clean your home from top to bottom can take hours. Also, deep cleaning can be back braking at times. Having the right tool can save you time, body pain, and money. 

I received two vacuum cleaners from Shark for review. I was so excited to put the Shark Rotator Power lift-away speed and Shark Rocket Powerhead to the test. These two machines are excellent! The power that they pack is out of this world. I was pleasantly surprised at their performance. Both the Rotator Power Lift-away Speed and Rocket Powerhead deliver on getting down deep for a total clean. 

Shark Rotator Power Lift-away Speed 

I am a person that cleans my home every week and I vacuum every other day. I enjoy maintaining a well kept home. When I  clean I need tools that will allow me to not only clean my carpet and hardwood floors, but they have to be able to work on upholstery. If it can do my drapes, oh that’s a huge plus for me. This is where the Shark Rotator Power Lift-away Speed come into play. You can do so much with this unit. It allowed me to clean from top to bottom with ease. It the total cleaning machine! 

The Shark Rotator Power Lift-away Speed you get so many features. For starters, this unit has fingertip controls on the handle. This makes it simple to switch effortlessly from carpets to bare floors. I love the LED lights on this unit too. They may it easy to see under furniture. Steering is a breeze with this vacuum. It’s advanced steering technology provides excellent control when maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles. When you have it in hand held mode, it works wonders on stairs.

This unit put my old vacuum cleaner to shame. I thought the unit I had was cleaning well, but I soon found out that it was not cleaning as deep as I assumed it was. The suction is super powerful. The attachments are great that come with the unit. You can use it as a hand held, upright, or place it on the caddy that comes with the unit. The Duster Crevice Tool gives you extended reach for cleaning small spaces, while the dusting brush cleans a mix of surfaces. The Pet Upholstery Tool is perfect for removing pet hair from curtains and delicate fabrics. It even works well on other upholstered surfaces. The next attachment is the Dust-Away™ Hard Floor Attachment with One Pad. This tool work well on all hard wood surfaces. It also does wonders on tile floors. The TruePet™ Mini Motorized Brush is ultimate weapon against embedded dander and the clingiest pet hair. This tool helps to extract dirt, dust, and allergens from deep inside pillows, upholstery, and carpets. The last attachment is the Multi-Angle Dusting Brush. It is a multi-position soft dusting brush for cleaning blinds, walls, books, ceiling fans, and tops of furniture. It’s stiffer front and back bristles allow for more aggressive cleaning to tackle stubborn dust. This unit is a cleaning power house! The unit is bag less which is a very huge plus. The unit was a bit heavy feeling to me, but not so much that it was a strain to use.

Shark Rocket Powerhead 

The Shark Rocket Powerhead is a powerful unit in it’s own right. I found this vacuum great for maintaining my floors. It is very lightweight. So if you have an upper and lower level in your home, you will appreciate the lightness of this unit. It has awesome suction as well. It is also a bag less unit. It features a multi surface brushroll and a gentle touch brushroll for hard wood floors. The brushes are color coded to let you know which one you are using. Maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles is easy with this unit too. The Rocket Powerhead features a telescoping wand that easily adjust to your height of comfort. There is a fingertip control on the  unit, which allows for ease of changing floor types. It also has a dust cup in the base with a release pedal at the bottom of the wand. The bottom cup design makes it simple to dispose of debris. 

I absolutely love both of these units for my household cleaning needs. They really exceeded all of my expectations. I feel that the units both delivered on a powerful cleaning of my floors and upholstery. I highly recommend that you give one or both of the units a try in your home. I’m sure you will love and enjoy them as I did. You can purchase this Shark vacuum cleaners at Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Best Buy. 

Have you tried the Shark Rotator Power Lift-away Speed or Rocket Powerhead? 


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