Review: Lemon Rinse by Beautiful Nutrition

We as women do a lot to our hair. If it’s not coloring, heat styling, or just applying different styling products, there is something that we do to the strands on our head. While our hair my look good, there is with out a doubt some build up from these processes that we put our hair through. Build up on the hair leaves it dull and lifeless. Not so beautiful right.

Beautiful Nutrition’s Lemon Rinse does the trick in rejuvenating your hair and putting luster back into it. I like to co-wash my hair most of the time. Then follow it up with my preferred styling products. Over time, build up can occur on the scalp and hair. This is where the lemon rinse comes in. I know you’re asking,  what is it really? It is a gentle ph-restoring clarifying scalp and hair rinse that seals your cuticles and adds shine. Is my pH out of whack, you ask? Well, do you go in chlorine for fitness or recreation or do you have hard water at your house?  Are you a person that layers many products on your hair? These things can all contribute to unbalanced pH.

I added this rinse to my weekly wash day routine and I was good to go! It’s very easy to use the rinse. When you have completed your shampooing and conditioning process, you just put a quarter-sized amount of this rinse on your hair starting at the roots and work through to your ends. You can add more if you need it. Work it around, leave on for 15-30 seconds, and rinse out. Then style your hair as you normally do. When used the rinse for the first time, I noticed my scalp and hair stayed cleaner longer and just felt less weighed down. I highly recommend this for anyone who co-washes or feels like their scalp and hair gets build up on it. It is recommended to use the rinse 1-2 times a week for best results. 


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