Top 5 Belly Fat Burning Foods

Now a days so many people are trying to lead healthier lifestyles. For whatever the reason may be that sparked the decision to take inventory over their life is great. I commend each person for taking the steps to a better life with their health. There are so many aspects that go into good health, it can sometimes get overwhelming. I know that is how I felt as I started my journey. I found 5 top foods that have been helping me with slimming my waistline.

I have struggled my with weight for some time and I still am, but fighting the fat has become so much easier for me now. My days of yo yoing with my weight are over. I am now giving my body the right mix of foods to help it function how it was designed to. I just have to share these fat burning foods with you all.

In the morning I like to start with a fiber-rich food such as oatmeal. Oatmeal helps to keep you full for a longer periods of time. You want to go for the old school steel cut oats. None of that pre packaged high sugar stuff. If you have to, plan to get up a little earlier to prepare your breakfast. Add in some raisins, spices, or berries (berries are packed full of fiber, get that one cup in) for nice kick. Spoon in some honey if you need more sweetness. Your tummy will thank you for hours and you can ward off those nasty food cravings for unhealthy snacks. 

For snacking, I like to grab a nice hand full of nuts. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, or mixed nuts, just have a nutty good time with them. Nuts can knock off the hunger that may hit you in between meals. They keep your tummy satisfied and felling full. Make sure you reach for the natural or unsalted ones. No honey roasted either guys, I see your side eyes. You don’t want to overload on calories right. I didn’t think you wanted to do that either. All you need is just 24 nuts a day and you’re good!

During lunch and dinner, I like to have a serving size of lean meat. I cook up ground turkey (I like boiled turkey wings too.) or some kind of fish. Tuna, salmon, and whiting are my favorites. Did you know that your body burns more calories digesting proteins than with carbs. Yes, that’s right! I also love to pair my lean meats with lots of veggies. I try to eat the rainbow when it comes to my vegetables. But I really make it a point to get my green leafy graze on. My most loved green veggies are broccoli, spinach, and mixed greens (mustard, collards, and turnip greens). These are all fiber packed, helping you to fill and stay full. Another great factor is they are low in calories. Winning!

Snacking Bonus: Say yes to yogurt! Dairy items like yogurt are an awesome snack choice because calcium helps to break down fat. Top it with some natural granola and you have a healthy delight that will keep you full while burning some of your waistline. Before you run to the yogurt section, here’s a tip. Only pick up low-fat or fat free and don’t forget to read your labels.

Those are my top 5 belly fat burning foods. Please remember that proper diet with moderation and exercise are key to living a healthy lifestyle. I wish you great or continued success with your healthy goals.


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