Bring Your Sexy Back with Tommy John Mens Underwear

I am a woman that loves a good set of under garments. When you have on nice ones, they really make a difference in how you feel and look. You even have a different walk. I know this to be true for ladies and I think it’s the same for men too. Today, I want to chat with the guys, because this product is all for you. Ladies stick around, as you will want to know about this product as well just in case you may want to pick it up for the man in your life.

Tommy John reached out to me recently asking if I’d be interested in doing a product review. I was a bit hesitant, primarily because they sell men’s underwear and I’m a woman. I knew my male readers would like to read about them. I thought to myself, could I get my boyfriend or my father to test this product. I took a look at their site and it looked to be a great product. So I asked my boyfriend if he would be interested in trying out some underwear for a merchant that I was working with. With some persuading, he agreed to my terms under the conditions that I was not going to make him try anything embarrassing. I promised him that it was nice stuff and I wouldn’t make him do anything embarrassing like posing crazy in his underwear.

Tommy John sent me one pair of their fitted boxers, one crew neck undershirt in Cool Cotton, and one pair of Ultimate Stay-Up Dress Socks in Soft for my boyfriend to try. All of fabrics had a nice silky soft feeling to them. My boyfriend has really broad shoulders and strong arms. When I asked him about the shirt, he said, “It stayed tucked and he liked how it did not bunch under his clothes. When outside, even though it was hot, I stayed cool.”  He said he really liked the socks and underwear too. He said the socks are very comfortable and stayed up all day. For the fitted boxers, he said,  “The fit of the boxers are great! They don’t hug to tight at all. Just Right!”

 All of the garments washed up nicely, retaining their soft feel and shape. The only objection he had to the products were their price.  He said, “I like quality, as anyone would. But at the same time I also like a bargain. The products are a bit pricy to me.” I will have to admit, the garments are kind of on the pricier side. But I look at it as you pay for what you get. The Second Skin Fitted Boxer retails for $34.00, Cool Cotton Crew Neck undershirt goes for $40.00 and the Ultimate Stay-Up Dress Socks are $16.00 per pair.

I love the quality that Tommy John products offer. From a woman’s standpoint, they look good on the body and feel amazing to the touch. Men, I do recommend that you get some Tommy John under garments for yourself, as I know you will like their quality and your wife or girlfriend will absolutely adore you in them. Ladies, they make great gifts for the man or men in your life. If you like to see your significant other in their underwear, you’ll love them in Tommy John! 


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