Adorn Your Skin in Silky Smoothness with Perlier 

Summertime has made it’s grand entrance and the short sleeves, sundresses, and open toe sandals are in full swing. Our skin is also on display. So I know you want it to look it’s absolute best right? I know I do! In the summer months, I like to use a light weight moisturizer on my skin. Not only do I like it to be light, I love it to have wonderful skin loving natural ingredients. 

Perlier is an amazing company that produces delightful products for the body. Their products are made with natural ingredients which I absolutely love. Perlier been Italy’s premier manufacturer of Bath and Body treatments for over 80 years with products derived from natural ingredients. Perlier has a direct, sensible, straightforward approach to serious skin care. Promising no miracles, only efficient results.

I was sent two of their body creams to test and offer my honest opinion of them. The creams that I received were their White Almond Body Balm with Almond Drops and Lemon Italian Sorbet Refreshing Body Cream. The Lemon Italian Sorbet has a light whipped consistently with a hint of lemon fragrance to it. It glides on the skin and absorbs quickly. It is also leaves the skin non greasy. Some of the ingredients in this cream are Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil. 

The White Almond Body Balm is also a very light weight cream. It has little red beads called Almond Drops in it too. These drops are filled with almond oil that burst on to the skin when it is applied right out of the bath or shower. The balm leaves the skin silky soft and is non greasy as well. It has a pleasant fragrance to it, kind of sweet in smell. Some ingredients in this lush balm are Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, and of course Almond Oil.

Overall, both products are great in my opinion. They both deliver at moisturizing leaving your skin very hydrated and beautiful. The smells are wonderful, although I did wish that the lemon sorbet had a bit more sweetness to it. Other than that, I was very pleased with the performance of both the balm and cream. I do recommend that you check out Perlier if you are a lover of bath and body care products like myself.

Have you tried Perlier products before?


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