Refresh from the Heat with Ban

Ban has been a brand that has been used in my household for years. I was introduced to it as a child by my mother and father, as it was their trusted brand of choice. Even though I have tried many other deodorant brands, it seems that for me nothing can compare to Ban. I love their roll-on deodorants. 

My favorite scent Powder Fresh and I like the Unscented one also. Ban’s roll-ons really keep me fresh not only during the duration of the day, but during my workouts and even on super hot days. You get 24 hours of invisible protection against odor causing sweat with these roll-ons. Now, that’s protection you just can’t beat! The formula glides on easily and contains Ban’s breakthrough technology, which specifically targets and virtually eliminates odor. No need to worry about not being fresh!

Recently, I was approached by Ban to try one of their latest products. I already love Ban and I was excited for the news of a new product line. I just thought this was an awesome creation from Ban, so I agreed to give it a whirl. Ban has come out with Total Refresh Cooling Body Wipes. These cooling cloths are said to work by slicking away excess body sweat with just one wipe. The wipes are supposed to leave your skin feeling smooth and silky, instead of wet and sticky! Hummmm…but do they really deliver? I know Ban has never failed me when it comes to their roll-on. But I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when it came to these body wipes. Could they truly leave my body feeling refreshed after a killer workout and the gym or a hot day at the park? Could these lightly fragranced cloths cool my skin on contact?

I put these wipes to the test, I am pleased to inform you that yes in fact they do cool the skin and leave you feeling refreshed with a powder finish. Not only did they work great after a workout, they were wonderful for using them to refresh after a long trip. You can even use them before appointments or after work if you have an after work meeting or date. You can greet people in confidence with Ban’s Refreshing Cooling Body Wipes.

They are very simple to use. Just wipe the durable cloth on any part of your body ( neck, arms, underarms, chest) and enjoy the instant cooling freshness. These cloth are also safe for use on the face as well. After use, just throw the used cloth in the trash. It is best to use the cloths 45 days after opening them. 

The Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Wipes come in four different scents, Invigorate (the one I was sent), Restore, Energize, and Enliven. You can find them online and at most drugstores in your deodorant aisle. I suggest you give these cloths a try for yourself! I’m sure you’ll like them. They are sure to become a family favorite in your house, just as they are in mine.


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