Smartphone Photography: Change the Game with Limelens 

People are taking more and more photos these days with their smartphones. With the boom of social media and the selfie, people are always looking for ways to take a great photo. Social media has become the number one way for people to engage and interact these days, thus sharing their great everyday or artistic photo talent with the world. I love to see all of the vibrant photos that friends and family share via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I love it so much that it has drawn me in to sharing photos as well.

Many people share to see how many likes, retweets, and shares they will get on particular photos. Each photo posted has the potential to become a conversation on the internet and the simple press of a button opens a door way to involve yourself in that conversation. Since social media is so reliant on what we see, we need to make sure the pictures we share express the amount of fun we are having in life and translate amazingly. Also, we no longer have to wait to get photos printed at the local drug store. Photos are now uploaded as they happen in real time.  If you own a smartphone (which I’m sure everyone does by now) you can capture exciting pictures with your phone in an instant. 

Are you looking for a way to take brilliant share worthy photos at your fingertips. Did you say “Yes”? Well let me introduce you to LimeLens. I was absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to review the brand new LimeLens kit. It is a smartphone photo takers dream. The set includes both the thinker (dual macro / wide lens) and the captain (a supreme fisheye lens). You will also find all three versions of their Limeclip, a welcome envelope, instructional booklet, stickers and lens accessories such as protective lens caps and microfiber lens cleaners.

 I use my phone and iPad to take photos a lot, if I don’t use my DSLR camera. So I’m always trying to up my social media photo game to wow my tribe (you) with photos I think are awesome. When using the LimeLens set, I was able to kick up my basic photos into eye catching imagery. The fisheye is perfect for catching larger images. I adore this set so much, it’s always with me now. The convenient carrying case is great. It easily fits into your purse or bag. It’s very affordable too!

Overall, I highly recommend this product. This set is great for beginners and pros because it’s simple to use. All I had to do was attach LimeLens to my phone and boom, beautiful photos for sharing. Want to get your hands on the LimeLens set? Purchase yours here.



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