DIY: Soft and Pretty Waves Hairstyles

Author Bio: Hi guys. My name is Miranda, and I am a professional hairstylist based in New York. I have been in the fashion industry for the past 10 years and have been graced to work with the some of the top ranking professionals in the field. For the latest information on the best flat iron for natural hair, styling tips and more, check out my hair straighteners reviews.


It is a fact that the hairstyle defines the entire appearance of a woman and makes her look classy with dignity and aplomb. So, it becomes imperative for a woman to try out different looks by experimenting with her hair and soft waves are one of the most proven hairstyles that have been in fashion for ages. I, myself have tried out many hairstyles, but my favorite one’s are the soft wavy curls that make me feel like a princess. It would help all my beauties to know that the basics that are not going to make a hole in their pocket by going to a professional salon.

DIY: Soft and Pretty Waves Hairstyles

Curly hairstyles have always caught the fancy of beautiful women as the curls not only look beautiful, but also add volume to hair and make them super stylish. So, if you desire to add a glamorous touch to your hair to optimal perfection and without any professional help, so, the DIY tutorial for making soft and pretty curls is definitely for you. All you’ll need to get fabulously curly hair is an inexpensive flat iron and a few other simple beauty items. Read below…

Prerequisites for Beautiful Soft Curls

If you intend to try out a new look with soft and wavy curls, then you must consider the pre-requisites that are referred as essentials for a DIY session of creating curls. So, the things you need include a round hair brush, a hair spray, a 1.5-inch curling iron, leave in conditioner, hair clip and an oil of your preference as my case I always prefer Argon oil because of its incredible quality to make hair soft and shiny.

Get Your Hair Curls Ready

Once you are done with your essentials for having soft curls, begin by washing your hair with a good shampoo that suits your hair type. Then apply a leave in conditioner in your hair and bring up the blow dryer to pull on your partially dried hair ready for the ringlets. Then the fully dried hair needs to be combed well by the use of a round hair brush and don’t forget to remove any tangles to get the desired results. Moreover, you need to brush your hair perfectly for curls.

Creating beautiful Curls

Instantly bring your curling iron and make sure to have only a small section of your hair to curl and that should be from backward to forward to ensure the entire hair has been covered properly. So, all you need to do is get your curling iron on a small section of your hair at a 45 degree angle downwards and twirling your hair around the iron. Then you have to let the clamp open and seize the bottom half an inch of hair on its place for a few seconds, say 10 to 15 seconds and then continue the same process for the rest of the hair.

Final touches to Your Soft Curls

Once you’re done curling all your hair, then let your hair loose and brush through the curls gently. Next, get a pea sized amount of oil and apply it lightly to the hair. Then finally get your hair spray and let it do its job by keeping a slight distance from hair. Then use your hands to set the curls gently and voila, you’re done!


Curls are a fashion statement and especially if you have soft and wavy curls that are high on style meter and low on cost. In fact, the DIY tutorial about having soft and wavy curls is surely going to make your curls look more beautiful and classy. You can wear this look in just a good thirty minutes. So, if you are planning to go on a special occasions that need you to be at your perfect best, getting the soft and wavy curls is certainly going to get you a lot of attention.



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