Rejuvenate Your Face with Skindinavia’s Post Makeup Recovery Spray

Hey TRC Gang! How many of you love a good beat face? Girl I see you over there with your face on slay! I knew your hand was going right up. I’m right with you, here all day for the face beatage. Is that a word? Well, we just made it one! (LOL) Webster take note of the new word “Beatage. Steps up to mic, The word Beatage means makeup that is applied so flawlessly to the face, that you when you see you have a triple take moment and say, “Now that’s good!” #FaceonSlay When you get or pull off a beat like that, oh you have your cuteness all on ten then. Just taking hundreds of selfies! I know how it is. 

Then at the end of the day when it time to take off that MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and BECCA plus those Ardell Demi Wispies (lashes). I hate it! Washing off your makeup can really be a chore. This process can also strip away hydration and vital nutrients for healthy skin. Having a dry looking face is just simply not sexy. Skindinavia has us covered with their new formulation. It’s call the Post Makeup Recovery Spray. You all know I already love their primer and setting sprays. This spray is equally wonderful! It really helps to combat the dry face after washing feeling you get once cleansing is complete. 

How To Use

The Post Makeup Recovery Spray is very simple to use. Just spray it on your face within five minutes of removing your makeup. The spray will restore your skin’s natural pH and reboot its radiance. The Post Recovery spray has ingredients like Zinc and organic Willow Bark to promote healthy glowing skin, plus keeping bacteria from entering your pores after cleansing.

Give the new Skindinavia Post Makeup Recovery Spray a try and be ready for your next flawless beat face! 


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