The Good Fight to air on CBS All Access 

Hi TRC Gang! Recently, I had the opportunity to host a sneak peek viewing party for the new CBS All Access show The Good Fight. This show is a spin off from the creators of the The Good Wife. Being that I am a fan of the show series The Good Wife, I was very excited to see what they had came up with this new show.

Once the day rolled around to host the party, I was very happy. I had already been sent a party pack with goodies for my guest and myself. The pack included gourmet popcorn, a trivia game, cute cups with the show logo on them, napkins, note books, posters, and a Roku (my gift for hosting). It all came in a cute tote bag. All I had to do was add in other food and drink items and we were ready! 

In an effort to not spoil your viewing pleasure, I’m not gonna dive too deep with my review of this show. All I am going to say is that The Good Fight is definitely a must watch. I loved the casting and writing so far. I would love to see more when it airs. I know you may be wondering what is CBS All Access and how can you get it?

CBS All Access is a streaming service where you can stream live tv plus 8,500 shows on-demand for a small fee. There are currently two packages offer Limited Commercials ($5.99 per month) and Commercial Free ($9.99 per month). Even though I really enjoyed the sneak peak episode of The Good Fight, I am up in the air about playing to access it. I guess will decide before the show airs on February 19th. 

Do you have CBS All Access? How do you like it?


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