Pop that Spring Makeup with Rimmel London Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes

 Now days, you can find great drug store makeup products on the market. One of my favorite brands is Rimmel London. I just adore their lippies and face primer. Now I have a new favorite, their new Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes ($7.99).  The palettes come in three color combinations with a mixture of twelve matte and shimmer colors in each. The good folks over at Rimmel London sent me two out of the three palettes which are Keep Calm & Wear Gold and London Nudes Calling to review for you. Let’s get into these palettes! 

The Keep Calm & Wear Gold eyeshadow palette has a light-to-dark, warm-to-cool setup. There are four satin-matte shades and eight shimmer shades. I’m a shimmer girl, so you know I was all the way here for this palette. The palette has a very nice variety of colors and finishes which I love. It has a great balance of matte-to-shimmer, so you have wonderful transition colors making it super versatile for day to night wear. 

The eye colors have a smooth texture and are pretty pigmented. The formulation was consistent for the palette and was beautifully workable( easy to apply, blend, and build). I did not get any patchiness as the eyeshadows went on very smoothly. When I used the shadow with primer, the colors lasted throughout day with little to no creasing.

As for the London Nudes Calling palette, it has a nice nude tone. But there is only one matte color out of the twelve shades in this palette. Just like the previous palette, these eyeshadows are very easy to work with and give a smooth even color wear. I just really wished there were more matte shades. However, I feel the hues are so gorgeous! 

The Verdict 

My overall thoughts on these eyeshadow palettes is that they are of great quality for a budget friendly price tag! I enjoyed working with colors from both palettes, but I know you all want to know which one was my absolute favorite. I would definitely have to go with the Keep Calm & Wear Gold eyeshadow palette. It contains a nice mix of cool and warm shade ranges with a brilliant shimmer that I just can’t deny. Whether you choose to go with my recommendation or your own, these palettes are sure to have your eyes looks poppin for Spring and summer.

You can purchase these palettes at your favorite local drugstore.


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