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Do you need to be able to charge more devices in your home office at one time? If yes, then I have the perfect solution for you. It’s the Powramid Air Power Center & USB Charging Station from ACCELL. This unit is a lifesaver and offers a way to power your all of those extra devices. 

The Powramid Air Power Center and USB Charging Station is super compact and portable. I have found that it is great for around the house or out at co-working spaces. The unit features 6 adapter-spaced outlets. The round, flat design of the station is perfect for placing it on a desk or conference room table. The unit has two USB charging ports that feature smart chips to provide a combined 2.4A of fast charging for USB powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and portable music players. This station is a must have for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and even families.

                Photo Credit: ACCELL

Features of the Powramid Air Center & USB Charging Sation:

Six Adapter-Friendly Outlets

2 USB Charging Ports (Total Output: 5V 2.4A)

6ft (1.8m) Power Cord

Skid & Scratch Resistant Base

On/Off Power Button

Green LED Power Indicator

1080 Joules Surge Protection

Blue LED Surge Protection Indicator

15 Amp Circuit Breaker

This charging station comes in your choice of either black or white and offers a 5-year warranty. This unit retails for $35.99. Not bad right!

I really enjoy using this station for all of my powering and charging needs. You can find this unit and more here.



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Hello TRG Gang! The new year is almost here. Can you believe how fast this year flew by. It’s time to get prepared and organized for all that 2017 will bring. If you are a planner like myself, you keep a planner for just about everything in your life. My planners really help me to stay on track and on top of things that I need to do. I have a planner for my personal life, blog, YouTube channel, my non-profit organization, and support groups that I lead. Planners are a life saver for me. 

I recently received the At-A-Glance My Week 2017 Planner with Monthly Calendars from Shoplet. This planner is wonderful! The overall design of is excellent and well put together. The color scheme of the planner is simply beautiful. It’s purple and you all know how I feel about purple. I absolutely adore it! 

I really like that it has ample space for writing activities and notes. The planner even features a Holiday list plus Event calendar and Contacts sections. There are also monthly tabs for easy reference and navigation. The planner takes you into January of 2018 as well. I can not wait to start using it for 2017. I have had a few At-A-Glance planners, but this one by far is my favorite. If you are in the market for a planner, I suggest you give this one a try. You can purchase it from Shoplet.com. 

Shoplet carries an assortment of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, and everything in between. 

Have you tried any At-A-Glance planners?


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Are you looking for new office decor for your new home work space? Maybe you need some office supplies for your existing business. Shoplet is your one stop shop for all things office. If it’s a need for the perfect office furniture to tie your look  together for opening day or just a total revamp from old to new, they have you covered. You can even pick up cleaning supplies to keep your establishment clean and neat. You’ll be surprised that Shoplet offers medical supplies too. See I knew you’d be surprised! I told you they are a one stop shop, you will find all the items you need to have a great looking, fully stocked office. 

The folks over at Shoplet sent me some products to test that I really love. The items come from 3M and I received their Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest and Ajustable Monitor Stand. When the products arrived, I was so excited. I am in the process of redecorating my home office. Plus, I had been looking for both of these items.

The Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest is so comfy. The pad allows the mouse to glide effortlessly. The gel rest offers great support. After working for many hours, my wrist is usually hurting, but not when using this. 

I can’t get enough of the Ajustable Monitor Stand. It is sleek and simple in design and offer an adjustable lift to your computer monitor. The height can adjust in increments of 1 1/4″.  The stand supports monitors and laptops up to 20 lbs. The non-skid rubber feet keep this stand securely in place. The recessed platform helps to keep essential tools (phone, pens, notes, etc.) close by and easy to find. Stand Type: This stand has a maximum height of 5 1/2″. 

My over all thoughts about these 3M products are very good. I like them and I feel that they are wonderful to have in your home office or office away from home. 

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I have always been a person that likes to keep things very well organized. It’s something about a nicely organized pantry or office that is so refreshing to me. I guess it is having what you need right there in it’s place. At your finger tip organization is what I like to call it! 

With spring just around the corner, it’s time for getting some items and rooms organized. I had to call in reinforcements and in list help with Avery Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels from Shoplet. These labels are perfect for the job. They are water resistant, UV resistant and tear resistant and with 250 labels per package with 25 sheets. Awesome right! The size of the labels are 3 ½” by 1 1/32”. They also have a patent-pending easy align design which makes it easy to create perfect laminated labels every time.

How Do They Work

Working with the labels are a breeze. Their simple to apply, no laminating machine required just print the label and seal with the clear laminate film. The heavy duty labels with laminate film withstand wear and tear, exposure to sun, even moisture and other harsh conditions. Permanent The adhesive works on plastic, wood, metal, rubber, paper, ceramic, glass and other surfaces. Please understand that this adhesive is permanent, so once you stick it you can not take it off. Be sure you use these on items that you are not going to want to change afterwards. Customization of the labels are easy too! Free templates and designs are available from Avery Print & Design that are compatible with laser and inkjet printers. 

The Verdict 

The really well! I had to adjust my printer a bit to get them to print correctly. After doing that, printing the labels was a snap. I can now label and organize things like a pro in my house. If I opt to write by hand, that not a problem. They still come out great.  What I like the most about the labels is the customization and the protective cover which helps keep the label life longer. 

What to grab some labels so you can organize like a pro?  Visit Shoplet today!

If you need other office suppliescleaning supplies, Avery labeling supplies , medical supplies or office furniture  Shoplet has what you need.

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Hello my honey bunnies! Recently, I have been toying around with the idea of setting up a home office space for myself. I want to have a space this will not only serve as my little business hub, but also as my get away place. I have been like a busy bee gathering pieces for the space. I am still not done looking for items.
When I was approached by Shoplet to review an office chair, I was too happy! I was sent the Basyx Mesh Black Chair by HON. This chair is wonderful!


It offers great back support and it is comfortable to sit in for hours. The Basyx chair is very sturdy. You can adjust the height to best fit you. The arms of the Chair can also be adjusted for resting your arms during typing. The mesh on the back of the chair is very breathable. I am very pleased with this product. It is brilliantly made and is of great quality.

If you are in the market for a good office chair, I suggest you pick this up this one. It retails for $179.96. Not only can you find awesome office furniture, you can pick up nice office supplies, cleaning supplies, and medical supplies all at Shoplet. It’s your one stop shop!

xoxo The Review Chic

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How many of you love a great writing pen? I proudly raise my hand to that question. I love pens the write smoothly on paper. Even though we are in this age of we do everything on our computers or smartphone, I still like to put the pen to the pad from time to time.  So when the need for grabbing a pen, pad, and my favorite cup of tea hits, my pen has to measure up.

I was sent some awesome pens from Shoplet.com to review. I just love Shoplet as they have a great variety of products to fit my many needs. From Promotional products to Office stationary right down to Medical supplies, they have me covered! The pens that they sent me are very well made, easy to grip, and write beautifully. They are Schneider pens manufactured by Stride, Inc here in the United States. Stride, Inc. is a small family business, owned and operated by women. Not only is this a women owned business, but what’s really unique about Stride is that 50% of their colleagues are adults with intellectual and developmental delays. They seek to help their disabled employees make “Strides” toward being independent and successful members of society. I feel this is extremely commendable that this company is doing this.

The Pens
I was sent two sets of pens. They had some nice pens within in them. The first pen was the Schneider Xpress .8 mm Porous Point Pen Black. This pen felt wonderful to the hand and was very comfortable to hold. The next pen in the collection was the Slider Edge 1.0mm Ballpoint Pen. The pen is a simple ballpoint black pen that writes with ease. The ink flows smoothly from this pen and it has a nice feel to the had as well.
The Slider Rave 1.4 mm Viscoglide Retractable Ballpoint Pen black is very sleek in it’s design and has a super comfortable grip to it. I really like this pen!
Last in this collection of pens was the Slider Edge 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen Black. I liked the triangle shape of the pen. This enhancement is part of the Viscoglide Technology. This allows for a better  fit within your fingers which I just adore. This pen also has more of a full bodied grip to it. This makes it much more comfortable when writing. This pen is ecofriendly too! It’s made completely without adding to the carbon footprint which is very cool!!

The second set was the Slider Memo XB 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen 4 pack came in some awesome colors. I used the purple one for making notations on some documents I was working on. The other colors are red, green, orange and pink. These are great for adding some fun to your notating. These pens use the same ball point Viscoglide Technology as the Slider Edge. 

I like all of these pens in these two sets that I was sent for Shoplet. If you would like to get your hands on these pens, head on over to Shoplet.com to pick them up. Happy writing!!

xoxo The Review Chic

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**Disclosure: I received product(s) for free in exchange for an honest review, which may differ from yours. I only recommend products or services I have used personally, and believe will be good for my readers**

Hi loves, do I have a great review for you! I was so happy when I was given the wonderful opportunity to review 2 trial packs of HP ecoFFICIENT paper from Shoplet.com. I love doing #shopletreviews ! At Shoplet you will always find a magnificent selection of office supplies, promotional products, office stationary, and medical supplies.

The Product
When my package can in the mail, I received two trial packs that contained 50 sheets of paper in each pack. Let me tell you, this paper is so light and thinner than regular printer paper. When you load your printer, you can now place more paper in to fill your machine. I know you know the feeling of having to reload your printer when you are in the middle of a print job. Ugh, is right! Try out the HP EcoFFICIENT paper! You will be so glad you did, I know I was! With the HP EcoFFICIENT paper, you can fit up to 125 more sheets in the printer tray. That means less refilling!
The ecofficient paper has such a great texture and prints out perfectly. The price for ecofficient paper carton is $44.38 and can be found at Shoplet.com.


If you try out the new HP EcoFFICIENT paper, let me know how you like it!

xoxo The Review Chic

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