Business and Advertising

I would like you to add me to your links and I’ll do the same?

I love building great networks! Email me (thereviewchic@gmail.com) and tell me all about your site. If your site is a great fit for my readers, I will add you to the list. Please don’t take it personal if I don’t link to your site. I get request for adds a lot and I can’t add everyone.

I want to send you a product to review. How do I do so? How long does it take for you to review a product?

Not a problem! However, I do not do free reviews anymore. Send an email to thereviewchic@gmail.com and we can talk. I try to review products within 4-6 weeks after I have received it. This gives me time to use it more than twice, and will allow me to form an educated opinion about the product. Please note, review time may vary depending on the product.

I want to do a product giveaway on your site. How can we go about making this happen?

Fabulous! I enjoy doing product giveaways for my readers. If you’re interested in having me host a giveaway, please email me so we can discuss options.

Are there any products that you won’t review?

I love reviewing products. I prefer to review products that fall in the categories of beauty, fashion, hair care, wellness, or luxury. If you have a product or service that will fit well with my audience email me and we can talk further.