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Do you want to contribute to The Review Chic by posting articles on the site?
Thousands of people visit The Review Chic website and we’re looking for contributions from writers who are both knowledgeable and passionate about our topics to write for The Review Chic.
If you want to help enlighten readers about great everyday products, fabulous beauty tips, fashion finds and trends, technology and marketing trends, awesome DIY projects, fantastic frugal finds, or living a healthy lifestyle all while getting internet exposure, increased traffic to your website, and stronger SEO authority, let’s talk!
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1. Create an exciting headline that compels the reader to read further.

2. We accept only high quality, unique articles with excellent spelling and grammar.

3. The guest post is a minimum of 350 words.

4. The content must be unique, not a duplicate post.

5. A maximum of one link back per article (article related link).

6. One relevant picture is required for each article.

7. The Review Chic staff approves the quality of the article.

8. The Review Chic can interlink inside the article.

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10. Be fun, conversational, and upbeat in style.

11. Talk from your own experience when appropriate.

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