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When you’re traveling, it can sometimes be hard to keep items organized with in your luggage. Let’s face it, no matter how much you try to keep your clothing and other items neat, they always end up getting jumbled up during travel to your destination. Then what do you have to do? You got it! You have to end up fumbling around, digging for what you need. All that time you spent carefully placing everything into your bags and it gets shot to the wazoozi! Yes, I know the feeling oh so well. 

I now arrive organized to my travel destinations. I don’t have to worry about the infamous luggage scramble anymore. My things stay put while traveling all because of a simple easy to use packing tool called Packing Cubes from TravelWise. These cubes are very lightweight and durable. They’re a traveler’s dream! The cubes come in a variety of colors to suit your style. 

I was sent the TravelWise 5 Piece Weekender Set in the color purple. You all know that’s my color! They even come in a 3 piece set too. I just could not believe how much space the cubes gave me in my luggage. Amazing! The set includes;

  • 2- Large Cubes
  • 2- Medium Cubes
  • 1- Small Cubes

The cubes have a mesh panel in their design that allows you to clearly see what you’re looking for, while letting your clothes to breathe as well. The pocket are really deep, so you can fit a nice amount of clothes and other personal items into the cubes. They make unpacking and re-packing on long or short trips a breeze. You can just take the cubes out as you need to. I absolutely love these packing cubes. They are very essential for travel in my opinion. 

No matter how long you’re going to be away from home, the TravelWise Packing Cubes will surely come in handy by helping you to stay well organized during your journey. Plus, if you travel with children, these are great for keeping all of their items together. They will make your travel life much easier. So what are you waiting for, pick up a set for yourself or that travel lover you know.

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Disclaimer: Product purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

Hi TRC Gang! About a month or so ago, I was asked the following questions about a beauty brand called LipSense. You know like…
Have you heard of LipSense? Have you tried LipSense? What do you think about LipSense?

I love it when you all have product questions. I enjoy sharing my point of view about beauty products, especially ones that my audience/tribe has a curiosity about. I have seen this product all over social media and it claims to be kiss proof, water proof, and last for a ridiculously long time. So, I set out to get my hands on this lippie. You can purchase this item from someone who is a distributor of the products. First off, this product is very expensive in my opinion. I purchased the $55 starter kit and chose the brown nude shade Cappuccino. So, does it really work? Does it dry out your lips? Would I buy it again? Keep reading! 

The starter kit comes with your choice of lip color, gloss and remover. Once you have those, you can purchase additional lip colors and the different glosses. There are 70 lip shades in a variety of finishes as well as 10 different glosses that range from matte, glossy, iridescent, to glitter! I was super excited about glitter gloss. Y’all know I love some glitter! 

The Application

When applying LipSense, there is a magic number and it is “3”. I found that applying 3 thin layers, making sure to let each one dry in between gives you the perfect pigmentation on your lips. For the first application, there may be a slight tingle. The product contains a cosmetic grade alcohol which can sting some and give a cooling feeling as it evaporates. However, I noticed that the sensation was less noticeable on the second day.

Once your 3 coats are dry, you simply apply your gloss of choice. This step is what makes your lips feel moisturized and gives them that oh so lush juicy look. You will not experience a dry, matte feel when using the gloss with the lip color. The first time I applied the gloss to my lips, I was floored that none of brownish tan color came off on the lip gloss applicator. Amazing! 

The Verdict 

  • Overall, the lip color formula is good. It can be thin and streaky if you don’t apply 3 coats. Please note, many have said that the opacity can vary with the colors as well.
  •  The burning sensation could be uncomfortable for some people. The gloss is a must for this product. Without the it, the lip color feels dry. 
  • The wear of this product is very impressive. I was truly outdone! It really lasted through frappes, a burger, sipping water in meetings, rubbing, and drinks with friends. No transfer at all!
  • The scent of the lip color was ok. The glosses are unscented and the remover smells so pleasant, like vanilla. I love the scent of vanilla!
  • I would not wear LipSense everyday because I do enjoy reapplying my lip color! 
  • The initial investment of $55 is very expensive for my taste, but once you have gloss, you can purchase additional colors for $25. This is still steep, but since you will only have to apply once a day, it maybe economical for some.
  • Even though I like this product, I do not see myself buying it again. I can get a regular lippie and be happy.

Do I recommend LipSense?

Yes I do. This product definitely works.  I have tried some long lasting lip products in my day, but none as long lasting like this one. You just have to keep reapplying the gloss to keep it feeling moisturized. I really like that it’s vegan, lead-free and cruelty free which are huge pluses in my book. So, if you don’t mind spending the money, I say grab it! 

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Eyewear can say a lot about a person without them ever uttering a word. It’s a lot like the effects that fashion outfits have when we look at the person wearing them. They give you a look into the persons personality. Plus, a stylish pair of eyewear can truly pull a look together. 
It’s that time of the year where we are pulling out the shades more and more. I have Always been a lover of a nice pair of shades. However, I never had any of my own. I guess it’s because I wear prescription eyeglasses and I figured it would be too much of a hassle to get. Then on the other hand purchasing them would not be cheap as I have astigmatism. I know before you say, Why don’t you get contacts? They don’t make them in colors for folks with my type of astigmatism any more. Yes, I hate it! I really want to get some contacts, wanted some where I could change my eye color. Bummer right! Then I can across Eyewear Insight and I was so excited to find them.

Eyewear Insight is an online company that provides stylish affordable eyewear. You can get prescription or non prescription glasses from them. They carry prescription eyeglasses including computer glasses, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocals and progressive lens, as well as non-prescription or clear eyeglasses. You can get them in your choice of rimless glasses, full rim glasses, half rim glasses or with clip-ons. The company even offers polarized lens (for safety glasses or for kids glasses), transitional or photocromatic lens (darken with sunlight, lighten indoors) and all the different coatings that can make your eyeglasses special. All brought to you at the best price around. All orders include free anti-scratch coating, free anti-reflective, free microfiber cleaning cloth, free protective case, free UV coating and $5.95 shipping. Shipping is free on all additional pairs you order. Best of all, they don’t charge extra for high prescriptions (high index or mid-index lens). You get to enjoy your eyeglasses plain and simple! 

Eyewear Insight is dedicated to bringing to you the finest optical quality with a guarantee that they will take any eyeglasses back, no questions asked (minus shipping cost) as long as it is in the original condition that you received it in. Amazing right! 

Eyeglasses are a great way to boldly accessorize any outfit. Whether you need them or just rocking them for fun, especially when you have a few stylish pairs on your dresser. But, glasses can really get expensive! At least they were, until I found Eyewear Insight! Their selection is huge and filled with trendy glasses that are super affordable! 

Photo Credit: Eyewear Insight 

I picked up the Halle B cateye sunglasses. Cute right? I absolutely adore them. I’m all for animal print, as it brings the sexy out in you. They offer a perfect flattering shape with the touch of animal print flaring out from the sides. These are definitely for a Diva with style! These beautiful shades tie together an outfit, giving it an elegant polished look. 

Once you find your perfect frames in Eyewear Insight’s amazing selection, you can customize each pair to your liking. I am so in love with my new sunglasses. Give this company a go, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pair (or two, three) for yourself!

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I love movies, you can call me a bit of a movie junkie. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing an advance screening of a movie from Fox Searchlight Pictures called “Gifted”. This movie is directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) and tells the story of a child prodigy Mary (McKenna Grace) who lives with her uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans from the “Captain America” films) in a coastal town in Florida. Frank’s plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the seven-year-old’s mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank’s formidable mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary. Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures and The Help) plays Roberta, Frank and Mary’s landlady and best friend. Jenny Slate is Mary’s teacher, Bonnie, a young woman whose concern for her student develops into a connection with her uncle as well.

My Thoughts 

This movie was surprisingly good. I thought it was going to turn out to be a snooze fest honestly. However, it really held my attention. There are moments on screen where this movie pulls right at your heart strings ( I cried and I rarely cry during movies) along with some very funny ones as well. The emotion played out in the movie is spot on and really sucks you in. 

I enjoyed viewing Gifted, I suggest you make it a family movie night and check it out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be happy you did. Gifted releases on April 7 in select theaters. 

Sponsored by the Role Mommy Writer’s Network.

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Hi TRC Gang! Recently, I had the opportunity to host a sneak peek viewing party for the new CBS All Access show The Good Fight. This show is a spin off from the creators of the The Good Wife. Being that I am a fan of the show series The Good Wife, I was very excited to see what they had came up with this new show.

Once the day rolled around to host the party, I was very happy. I had already been sent a party pack with goodies for my guest and myself. The pack included gourmet popcorn, a trivia game, cute cups with the show logo on them, napkins, note books, posters, and a Roku (my gift for hosting). It all came in a cute tote bag. All I had to do was add in other food and drink items and we were ready! 

In an effort to not spoil your viewing pleasure, I’m not gonna dive too deep with my review of this show. All I am going to say is that The Good Fight is definitely a must watch. I loved the casting and writing so far. I would love to see more when it airs. I know you may be wondering what is CBS All Access and how can you get it?

CBS All Access is a streaming service where you can stream live tv plus 8,500 shows on-demand for a small fee. There are currently two packages offer Limited Commercials ($5.99 per month) and Commercial Free ($9.99 per month). Even though I really enjoyed the sneak peak episode of The Good Fight, I am up in the air about playing to access it. I guess will decide before the show airs on February 19th. 

Do you have CBS All Access? How do you like it?

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Hi TRC Gang! How many of you liked and still like the group New Edition? If yes, I’m sure you saw the three part movie mini series that aired on BET. When they first announced that it would be airing, I was on it! I was too excited when the time came around for the movie to finally come on.

Photo Credit: BET.com

My Thoughts

I have to say right off, that this movie was put together nicely. The casting for the young and older member depictions were  good. They got as close to look alikes as they could. Some were closer than others. The talent from the cast was amazing. They really worked hard to get down the singing voices, dance moves, and even speaking voices with perfection. Their were also some actors and actresses that we had not seen in some time in the movie as well. 

The music brought back a lot of childhood/teenage memories. It was interesting to see what the group went through on their journey to super stardom. One thing that really stood out to me was when they went to sign the first and second contracts. The question that popped in my head was, where are the lawyers? The second was, did the mothers read the contracts? I know they probably could have got an entertainment lawyer that would have looked over the contracts for free. If the parents had looked over the contacts with a lawyer, the lawyer could have made everything crystal clear for them. That way a lot of cut throat activity could have been avoided off top. However, I get it, they were all just so excited and thinking about how the opportunity in front of them would change their lives. But, you got to know what you’re signing your John Henry to (as my grandfather use to say).

I did notice another thing that stood out to me, all of the mothers were single. I did not see one father in the household. Hummmm?? Well that’s a whole other post! Moving right along. I did like how Brooke Payne stepped in not only as a manager/choreographer, he also acted as a father figure. They respected him and you saw the bond that was there in the movie. I loved that! It was sad to see the amount of drug use. They kept it all the way real and I can appreciate that.

Now, let’s talk about the actions of certain members of the group. Bobby Brown, I love him very much as an entertainer. In his day he was a bad man! In this movie, it showed how much of a show hog he was at that time. It was like in his mind, he was the Michael Jordan of the group and the rest of the group members were his supporting cast. Being late or not showing up for shows is very unprofessional no matter how great you are. That’s just bad for business all the way around. When thay had to make the decision to cut Bobby from the group, that was so sad. I could feel their pain in this because they were not just friends, they were brothers in a sense. 

Ralph, I absolutely loved his voice. Amazing! At a young age he was a very stand up guy. I like how they showed how he was down for his boys by not taking the solo deal presented to him. Instead, he made the decision of it’s all of us or nothing. In the movie, he presented song that he had worked on to the other group members. They were not feeling it at all. The other members took it as he was leaving the group to pursue a solo project. This brought about some harsh words and feelings. I think he should have presented the project in a better way than he did. In my opinion, he could have told them like this; “Fellas, I have been wanting to do a solo project for a long time now. I don’t want to break up the group, I just want to try my hand at it. I have some tracks that I have worked on and I’d like your thoughts on it.” That may have made it go over better and smashed the negative outlook. After all, everyone gets to a point where they want to try new stuff.

Overall, I feel that the production of this biopic was simply amazing! It has really set the bar for others that follow after it. I think it should be put to DVD for fans, as this movie is truly a keepsake. Job well done! 

Did you watch The New Edition Story? What were your thoughts on the mini series? 

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Are you a person that is into watching what you put in your body? Maybe you are a person that likes to know how certain foods interact with your body and their benefits? If yes, I want to introduce you to a great insightful book that will help you to look at foods in a new way. This book is sure to help your entire family! 

The book that I am referring to is the The MIND Diet by Maggie Moon, MS, RDN a registered dietitian nutritionist. The MIND Diet is the first comprehensive book and recipe collection that details the research findings on which foods and nutrients benefit and harm brain function. This diet is based upon two proven diet regimes which are the Mediterranean and DASH (dietary approach to stop hypertension) diets. These two ways of eating have been studied for many decades and practiced for centuries.

The diet’s has 10  primary food groups which are vegetables, green leafy vegetables, tree nuts, beans,berries, poultry, fish, whole grains, olive oil, and wine. The recipes that this book offers are very flavorful and easy to prepare. Some dishes that you can enjoy from this book are Quick Chicken-Tortilla Soup, Blueberry, Peach, and Avocado Salad and much more! 

The MIND Diet is a very well-written book which I find has many detailed many foods to help foster brain function. I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for one to help give you awesome insight on how to prevent cognitive decline. There are tons of detailed recipes included in the book. I love the desserts, as I occasionally get a sweet tooth. They are not overly sweet and they curb the sweet tooth while also providing nutrients. Excellent! 

You can find this book wherever books are sold. Happy reading!

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